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  • Stem Wall

    BTX part #: STE-WALL1
    Stem Audio #: Wall1

    The stem wall contains 15 microphones and has full range speakers and subwoofers. Designed to be mounted on the wall or on a credenza the stem wall is the perfect office solution. Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows this device to be installed easily. Compat...Learn more

  • Stem Ceiling

    BTX part #: STE-CEILING1
    Stem Audio #: Ceiling1

    The stem ceiling contains 100 microphones and has dual mounting options: flush mounted with ceiling tile included or hung in chandelier mode. Power over Ethernet allows this device to be installed easily. Compatible with all video conferencing platforms....Learn more

  • Stem Hub

    BTX part #: STE-HUB1
    Stem Audio #: Hub1

    Acts as main brain when multiple units are in the same room. Dante-enabled. Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows for an easy install. Pluggable terminal block. Connects up to 12 products per room. Dimensions: 7” X 1.5” to 1”....Learn more

  • Stem Table

    BTX part #: STE-TABLE1
    Stem Audio #: Table1

    The stem table contains 9 built in beamforming microphones. Designed to sit on the table the Stem Table requires just one ethernet cord for power (PoE). Connections on the device include: Ethernet and USB Type B. Compatible with all video conferencing p...Learn more

  • Stem Control

    BTX part #: STE-CONTROL1
    Stem Audio #: CONTROL 1

    The stem control can be placed anywhere in the room for full control of your meetings. Power over Ethernet (PoE) makes for an easy install. Compatible with all video conferencing platforms. Access the Stem ecosystem and see data rich statistics and report...Learn more